Dedicated to all working women, athletes, mothers, wives, family managers, students, trainees – simply put: Every woman in the world.

„mon amie“ – for timeless beautiful skin

Since the introduction in 2009 mon amie has filled thousands of women worldwide with enthusiasm. Celebrities like actresses Anja Kling and Dana Schweiger are in love with mon amie. mon amie is specially developed for women who have special demands on their skin. „mon amie“ is the world´s first Collarium and is intended for EVERY woman because it offers a treatment that responds to feminine wishes and desires: beauty, attractiveness, well-being and gorgeous appearance.

mon amie – a new dimension of anti-aging

The light spectrum of especially developed Collagen Plus tubes rebuilds the collagen depositories. Lines and wrinkles will be reduced and as a result will leave the skin looking fundamentally smoother and fresher. Collagen Plus regenerates lost elasticity back to the skin while moisture content is improved over the entire body.

That‘s what the collagen-light therapy achieves – anti-aging effects over the entire body!


As we age, we produce less collagen which results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to thin, dry skin. Red light therapy penetrates deep into the dermis layer, stimulating cells that produce collagen.
New collagen moves to the surface of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The increase in collagen production smoothes the skin and reduces the  appearance of fine line and wrinkles.

Our most famous customer…

kus1Anja Kling, one of the most popular actresses in Germany, is confessing collagen-light-therapy user and loves the applications with „mon amie“.

„I‘ve tested mon amie several times and noticed already after the first treatments positive effects of my skin. mon amie offers me the opportunity to recharge energy, my skin looks simply fresher after each application, I enjoy the 20 minutes of pure relaxation each time anew.“

kus2Dana Schweiger (44)

„I always prepare well for the sun – in the tanning salon. My latest discovery is „mon amie Collarium“. You can choose whether you want a tan or rely on the strength of the collagen light without UV rays.“



Rejuvenation of the skin through wrinkle reduction

Amazing results – scientifically proven

Amazing results – scientifically proven

The light-therapy-spectrum is able to stimulate the collagen-balance of the body positively. The oxygen absorbed by the skin experiences an improvement and a detoxication is initiated. Furthermore, the capability of the skin to store moisture is optimized. The regeneration of skin takes its place: The collagenous
network is strengthened, shaped structures of skin (wrinkles) are remodeled, and the neoformation of the skin is triggered (e.g. for the purpose of a quick wound healing). These results were experimentally verified by experts of the Piano Hospital (Switzerland) who observed a subject group of 51 people for three months. Dr. Ferenc Gódor (dermatologist, Hungary) monitored a subject group of 18 people for 15 weeks, as well as Professor Sommer (University of Ulm) who took this specific light spectrum as the central point in his studies.


CPI Controlled Power Integrated.

Fundamentally, the UV tubes of a tanning bed are underlying a product life cycle. They are losing power over time. CPI, an intelligent electronic control gear developed by the KBL AG keeps the power of the UV tubes and the collagen-phototherapy-tubes constant during the course of their lifetime; there is no loss of power. The collagen-phototherapy and the
tanning process remain high-quality for life.

Healing power of the sun

The mon amie products offer the possibility to choose between a tanning and a non-tanning treatment. Tanning supports the development of vitamin D3, also known as the  sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D3 provides the body with a variety of healthwise effects – the strengthing of the immune system, the brain and the counteraction between diseases and disturbances such as: autoimmune diseases, winter depression, various types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, overweight, osteoporosis, PMS  (premenstrual syndrome), psoriasis, rickets, and sleep disturbances.

Skin analysis-device

The patented skin analysis sensor is able to categorize the different skin types by measuring the content of melanin, allowing an exact custom-designed tanning process.
This device is connected with the Collarium and adapts the UV radiation to the results of the skin analysis. Mon amie with UV light lets you experiance the healing of the sun even in the wintertime. The sunshine vitamin is formed through the skin and provides the entire body with numerous bio positive effects.

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