Purchase of new lamps

– do not ignore the basic equipment of sunbeds.

As one of the few on the market, we have excellent knowledge of the products we offer.

  • Bronzing lamps, double bronzing lamps and maybe triple bronzing lamps? – We know much more about sunbed lamps and you also should know more about them; do not get hooked on cheap advertisement tricks.
  • We will advise what lamps will be appropriate for your tanning salon and what solution will be fully satisfactory for your customers in a clear and fair manner.
  • Our company’s staff are qualified – we advise, help and support.
  • In our product range we have the most renowned tanning lamps such as:






MAXIMUS has the largest inventory and the best prices.

We are owners of the Sunmax brand and we are an authorized Cosmedico dealer.


Don’t be surprised – provide a tanning comfort to your customers according to 0.3W/m² limit.

A wide product range of 0.3 lamps as well as excellent knowledge on this topic enables us to perfectly select a lamp for your tanning shop.

Do you want to be sure you have the equipment that’s properly adjusted to the new regulations? Do it with us. We will also provide you with proper documentation and guarantee the producer’s certificate.

We ensure support, lamp advertising materials, leaflets and posters. Everything to help you inform your customers about tanning according to the 0.3W/m² norm.