Tanning salon service – in Poland and Europe

Are you serious about your business? Do you care for the safety of your clients as well as their satisfaction with your services? It is not that difficult – schedule the regular service of your equipment and there will be no need to worry,or you can even replace your old equipment with new.

We are a team of professionals operating in accordance to strict procedures to help provide the service you expect. As a licensed dealer of many brands in Poland with several years of experience we can offer a wide range of products, our extensive knowledge,cost optimization and quality always supported by high qualifications.

By using the services of our company we can help maximise your growth.

We offer:

  • current repair of sunbeds,
  • removal and installation of sunbeds,
  • removal and disposal of sunbeds,
  • lamp measurement in respect to the light bulb usage (erythem measurement/ UVA and UVB),
  • lamp replacement,
  • repair of electronic boards and modules for sunbeds,
  • sunbed maintenance,
  • replacement of acrylic sheets,
  • sunbed adjustment to the new 0.3W/m² limit,
  • disposal of sunbeds and lamps.

We are one step faster than the competition. MAXIMUS also has the largest choice of spare parts and professional equipment necessary for servicing equipment, including software and extensive know-how. All at a fair price.

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