Collarium ® mon amie Tower

For the first time, mon amie technology is used in a stand-up collarium. The vibrating plate combines the collagen-light therapy with a vibration training session in the programs of Relax, Wellness and Fitness. By simulating the natural sequence of movements, training units of 10 minutes stimulate muscle groups in the areas of abdomen, legs and bottom. A short but effective exercise! The joint-friendly movements, which are carried out without any strain, almost on their own, make this training suitable for almost any person irrespective of age.

The additional training unit supplies your body with a maximum of oxygen and leads to perfect tanning results when combined with the tanning option.

Basic information

Technical data


  • 26 x 180 W  Collagen-Plus (190cm)
  • 26 x 180 W UV tubes (190cm)

Nominal power: 10500 W

Fuses: 3 x 25 A

Standard Features

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Optional Features

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