Space 3000 pureCollagen

Anti-aging and pure fitness for the entire body:
The effective combination of collagen-light therapy and vibration training
Ten minutes for beauty and physique – you offer your customers the new anti-aging revolution!

Through the double-effect, Tower pureCollagen opens up lucrative target groups:
Men and women with an affinity for beauty, who want to keep their bodies fit, young and beautiful.

The collagen-light therapy
…promotes the re-formation of the collagen structure in the skin, which has hardened as a result of aging. The special light spectrum of the 44 collagen tubes stimulates the body’s internal formation of collagen. In doing so, damage to the skin’s collagen structure is repaired.

Regular use results in anti-aging effects:

  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Vital and fresh skin surface
  • Regeneration of the skin surface
  • Lifting effects over the entire body
  • Tightening of the skin and increase in elasticity

Basic information

Technical data


  • 44 x 180 W  Collagen-Plus (190cm)

Nominal power: 9000 W

Fuses: 3 x 25 A

Standard Features

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Optional Features

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[sc:megasun_bluetooth_an ]
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