Special moments by Inky Cosmetics


Tanning balms are an integral part of the professional services offered by the tanning salons. We know that sometimes it is difficult to convince customer that cosmetic is  crucial, because it not only speeds upp the tanning proces but also protects and regenerates the skin, preparing it for next sessions. But don`t worry – we have found a perfect solution for you!

Our cosmetics portfolio has recently expanded. New brand – Inky Cosmetics – offers different types of products based on well-known from their beneficial properties, natural ingredients, like aloe vera, shea butter or citrus extracts. They are designed to nourish and moisturize your skin and add some golden glow to your tan. It i salso perfect balance between high quality and really affordable price.

Sweet Cutie with the captivating peachy scent, romantic Frist Impression, sensual fruity scent of 6th Sense and the oriental notes of Summer Time and Tango – you will find your bae for sure.

Inky Cosmetics encourage us to celebrate the uniqueness of the moments that sums up to our lives. Surrender to their charm and let them cast a spell on you – make the tanning sessions magical moments.

The full range of Inky Cosmetics products can be found in our online store.