MegaSun 8000 Alpha Deluxe Hybrid


Just touch it!

During the last FIBO Fairs in Cologne – the biggest event in the fitness, wellness and beauty industry, the KBL new megaSun 8000 alpha Hybrid was launched. Over 153 000 of international visitors have had the opportunity to see that the innovations, that the manufacturer so often recalls, are visible in every product bearing the megaSun logo.

At first glance, the device is distinguished by its large, external display. This 12-inch control panel allows you to control every feature available on the device, and setting your preferences is just as easy as 1-2-3!. The device’s control is similar to that of a smartphone – here we also deal with signed icons and legible buttons that allow you to increase or decrease internal temperature, power, tanning or comfort features.

The power of the new megaSun 8000 alpha Hybrid lies in the unique technology that combines the advantages of different types of light. The 34 Intellisun lamps perfectly reflect sunlight, and with PreSelection you can decide on the intensity of your tanning by choosing from the following available programs: Basic, Mediterranean or Caribbean. At the same time, during the tanning session, 16 Hurricane lamps additionally stimulate the production of melanin and vitamin D in the skin, while also maintaining its attractive appearance. In addition, 60 Ruby Collagen Boosters ensure optimal hydration of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and revitalizes  particularly sensitive areas: face, neck and legs.

Of course, the new megaSun is also well-known for its comfort enhancing features during tanning, making it not only another treatment, but a real relaxing treatment for the body and mind. Exciting fragrances (aroma), personal music (thanks to Bluetooth or integrated mp3 player) and surround sound with music Vibration will allow you to regenerate and energize for the rest of the day!

The 8000 alpha Hybrid will be soon available in our exhibition. We cordially invite you to our sales office, so that you can  find out how MegaSun is perceiving innovations and effectiveness. More information about the device can be found here.