Prestige 1400

Design: Carbon Grey

The brand new Ergoline Prestige 1400 redefines luxury and takes tanning to new heights.

The LED Light Show mesmerizes with its dynamic color schemes that can be set to match salon décor or even seasonal colors while the sunbed’s dramatic angles and designs complement this stunning illumination. On the inside, the Intelligent Performance Technology ensures quicker and deeper tanning results by taking the lamps position inn the unit into consideration and adjusting the output accordingly for the most even and dark all-over tan. The Prestige 1400 is the first tanning bed on the market to feature NFC Technology.

Now you can bring your customers a whole new level of personal and luxurious service. By providing your high end tanners with a personal VIP card you allow them to save their preferred settings for future sessions. Using the NFC card they will be greeted by name and all features adjusted to their personal comfort preference. This is taking customer service to the next level!

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Basic information

Technical data

    • tubes: 52 x max 200 W Intelligent Performance
    • face tanner: 4 x max 520 W + 3 x 8W (UVB lamps) – Ultra Performance Plus
    • shoulder tanner: 2 x 240 W
    • power: max 18,7 kW
    • fuses: 3 x 35A

Standard Features

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