Gilded™ Fifty50™ Intense Dark Bronzing and Skincare power is fit for royalty.  This revolutionary formula is infused with an exclusive blend of intense bronzers and skincare ingredients for decadently smooth, healthy skin that also delivers the deepest, darkest color possible.  SatinTouch™ Blend will leave your skin so soft others will be envious.  Glistening Gold extract will have you glowing with the sheer, Gilded™ radiance of youth and 24K color.

  • Revolutionary Fifty50™ Technology: A unique fusion of intense bronzers and extreme skincare for the absolute best combination for deep, dark healthy color

SatinTouch™ Blend: Botanically derived blend provides luxurious feel and extreme hydration for silky, smooth perfect skin

  • Glistening Gold Extract: Increases moisturization while helping retain collagen, for glowing younger looking skin
  • TanFresh™ Blend: Eliminates after-tan odor using two powerful odor inhibitors
  • Feel regal with this Lavish Luxury fragrance