Excellent brand name

Ergoline is by far the world’s most popular sunbed brand name amongst salon owners and customers alike. There are good reasons for that. Deciding for a professional sunbed from the worldwide market leader means setting the scenes for success in the tanning business. You benefit not only from our product’s reliability and long service life in the endurance test that is everyday salon operation, but also the low depreciation on all our models when it comes to selling your used Ergoline sunbed.


Ergoline keeps you on the safe side. All of our models carry the German TÜV seal and GS “tested safety” kitemark, and naturally the statutory CE label. All components that need to be accessible for maintenance and servicing are easy to reach, and are equipped with multiple backup safety features with an intelligent protection system, switching off automatically if a malfunction is detected.

Guaranteed quality

All components we use in our sunbed production are made of high-quality materials, which are all tested for resistance against UV light, cleaning fluids and other potential hazards as well as potential health risks. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and qualified staff ensure especially high-quality workmanship. Every Ergoline sunbed undergoes a variety of functional tests before it leaves the factory. We were the first sunbed manufacturer to be certified by TÜV for compliance with the EN ISO 9001 quality standard, confirming our claim to quality.

Ergonomics second to none

As you might guess from the company name, ergonomics is a core competence at Ergoline. Our ergonomic concepts give you and your customers tanning comfort and convenience that is second to none. For example in our ergonomic base acrylic with integrated padded headrest and footrests for
an even all-round tan. Or Climatronic cooled air conditioning for exact tanning temperature adjustment. Aqua Fresh & Aroma will give your customers a particularly refreshing tanning experience. Innovative sound systems give you perfect musical enjoyment.


Ergoline’s innovative UV systems lead the world. The company’s in-house Development Centre has regularly launched new cutting-edge technologies to increase tanning power, energy efficiency, and naturally also safety in sunbeds. A more impressive example for the UV competence of Ergoline is the Ultra Performance Plus Technology with its combination of glass reflectors, additional UV-B spaghetti lamps and special coated filter glasses which for the first time optimises the tanning performance in 0,3. The Intelligent Performance Technology is brand new. Intelligent Performance considers the different positions of lamps to the body and adjusts the power individually. Thus an overall even and up to a 30% more intensive tan is achieved.

Selected equipment from our wide offer