We promise you that there is really a sunbed which is specially adapted to satisfy its customers’ wishes! The new 6900 alpha deluxe is the most intelligent of its kind and convinces customers all along the line. Elegant design, perfect ergonomics, patented technology and individual settings ensure your favorite tan through only one click. This works very easily – different programs for your appropriate wellness feeling can be set comfortably and easily already before tanning by means of the user-friendly preSelection display which is to be used on the front panel of the canopy. intelliSun adapts perfectly to the customers’ high demands and wishes and ensures that you remain totally free to get tanned as you want to.

In additon, six p2 tubes provide you with a perfect tan + Vitamin D, they are gentle to the skin and certainly relaxing. The new X-tra Tan shoulder tanner distributes tan evenly all over your body. During tanning, 40 high-end LEDs, the so-called Ruby-Collagen Boosters, provide the skin again with the properties it has lost over many years, namely moisture and elasticity. You will regain silky-smooth skin thanks to an ingenious technology which is available with colorMotion and Bluetooth.

Basic information


  • megasun 6900 alpha deluxe cpi energy

    • tubes canopy: 20 x 160 W Intellisun (180cm), 6 x 80 W p2 Vitamin D (pigment)
    • tubes bench: 20 x 180 W Intellisun (190cm)
    • face tan: 4 x 500 W
    • 40 x Rubin-Collagen-Booster
    • power (with clima): 10100 W (11360 W)
    • fuses: 3 x 25 A

Technical data


  • 2380 x 1440 x 1534 mm (close)
  • 2380 x 1430 x 1942 mm (open)

Weight:   620 kg

Standard Features

[sc:megasun_evoSystem²_an ]
[sc:megasun_p2_an ]
[sc:megasun_acs_an ]
[sc:megasun_megavoice_an ]
[sc:megasun_musicVibration_an ]
[sc:megaSun_mp3_an ]
[sc:megasun_volumecontrol_an ]
[sc:megasun_usb_an ]
[sc:megasun_preselection_an ]
[sc:megasun_bluetooth_an ]
[sc:megasun_colormotion_an ]
[sc:megasun_rubin_an ]
[sc:megasun_xtratan_an ]

Optional Features

[sc:megasun_aquacool_an ]
[sc:megasun_aroma_an ]
[sc:megasun_aircon_an ]
[sc:megasun_easycare_an ]
[sc:megasun_kanalwent_an ]
[sc:megasun_megatimer_an ]