Luxura V6

Luxura V6 is the entry level vertical tanning bed with a fresh, uptodate design that comes in a beautiful Crystal White colour or glamour edition.

For a more exiting look, choose one out of three fashionable twin colours to underline the high end fi nishing of the V6. The Luxura V6 is the perfect model for everybody who wants to expand their services with professional tanning. The lovely design comes with smooth opening double doors with space saving small turning circles. Another highlight: the inside control panel has a clear, userfriendly touch screen to navigate through the personal tanning preferences. The lovely standby light enlightens the unit between tanning sessions. Inviting customers to enter the cabin and leaving nobody in the dark after the tanning session has ended.

Luxura V6 can be boosted to a highclass product just by adding extra features, such as:

  • Ambient FlowLight control panel with trendy graphiclight effects.
  •  Xsens diffuses a pleasant scent into the V6 via the bodycooling.
  •  Qsens with 2 nozzles enhance an overall feeling of wellbeing by spraying a refreshing cool mist on the body.

Whether you choose the standard smart touch control panel or the beautiful Ambient FlowLight version, optimal navigation is guaranteed.

Basic information


  • 42 XL Intensive

    • Tubes: 42 x 180 W (200cm)
    • Power: 8,1 kW
    • Fuses: 3 x 15 A
    • Weight: 241 kg
  • 44 XL High Intensive Eco-power

    • Tubes: 44 x 180W Eco-power (200cm)
    • Power: 7,7 kW
    • Fuses: 3 x 12A
    • Weight: 165 kg
  • 44 XL Ultra Intensive Eco-power

    • Tubes: 44 x 200W Eco-power (200cm)
    • Power: 8 kW
    • Fuses: 3 x 13A
    • Weight: 165 kg
  • 48 XL High Intensive Eco-power

    • Tubes: 48 x 180W Eco-power (200cm)
    • Power: 9,6 kW
    • Fuses: 3 x 18A
    • Weight: 254 kg
  • 48 XL Ultra Intensive Eco-power

    • Tubes: 48 x 200W Eco-power (200cm)
    • Powery: 9,8 kW
    • Fuses: 3 x 18A
    • Weight: 254 kg
  • 48 XL E-control

    • Tubes: 48 x 80-180W (200cm)
    • Power: 8,2 kW
    • Fuses: 3 x 13A
    • Weight: 254 kg

Technical data


Dimensions V10

Easy maintenance

Maintenance was never this easy, thanks to the clever solutions in the Luxura V6.

  • Easy replacement of tubes
  • Easy cleaning of acrylics
  • Easy access to all electronic components
  • Easy refilling of Xsens cartridges and Qsens jerrycan

Standard Features

[sc:lux_xllight_an ]
  • 1 hour counter non-resetable
  • 1 hour counter resetable
  • Smart Touch Control
  • 3 steps adjustable body cooler
  • Stand­by inside lighting
  • Internal timer

Optional Features

[sc:lux_xsens_an ]
[sc:lux_qsens_an ]
[sc:lux_mymp3_an ]
[sc:lux_soundaroundplus_an ]
[sc:lux_bluetooth_an ]

  • Changing Room
  • Loudspeakers
  • Glamour Edition
  • Admo experience control panel
    Discover the state-of-the-art Ambient FlowLight control panel and see how easy tanning preferences are managed. Unique design, enlightened trendy graphics and Ambient FlowLight, clear icons for all the preferences, intuitive navigation through smart touch control well-protected by the acrylic sheet