Tower sportCollarium®

In the tower athletes enjoy the revoltionD-technology comfortable in a stand up – collarium and power up for a successful training.

Collagen-light strengthens the collagen network, tightens the muscles, decreases the injury risk and helps effectively with the performance improvement. An optional UV light gives the skin a soft tan and provides incidentally the vitamin D level in the body. Low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with a loss of performance for athletes, not only a small part.

Collagen and vitamin D influence the entire physical fitness significantly und build important blocks to aim for the defined sport goals. Whether with weight loss, attractiveness, performance increase, health, injury prevention, vitality or mobility – the revolution D provides reliable support for athletes on their path to a successful training.

(In accordance with the motto of) “After sport is before sport! “. Equipped with vibraNano, the collagen light therapy combines in the revolution D tower a vibration training on request with the programs relax, wellness and fitness. Joint-friendly and almost without any real effort the muscles groups stomach, thighs and butt are stimulated. Short but effective.

Basic informations

Technical data

26 x 180W Collagen Plus (190cm)

UV tubes (190cm)

Nominal Power: 10500W

Fuses: 3 x 25A

Standard features

easyCare (Skin Sensor)
Smarter than the sun! Only 4 measurements ensure an intelligent tan adapted to the individual skin types. The smart skin sensor easyCare is cleverer than the sun and always ensures tanning is adapted to the individual skin types. With only a total of 4 measurements on the face and inner sides of the arms, easyCare calculates the individual UV dosage and controls the power output of the tubes in the sunbed. Your customers can choose if they prefer to sunbathe with or without easyCare . Without easyCare, the megaSun sunbed always operates at full power. With easyCare, the UV dosage is adjusted to the individual skin types. Pre-set the tanning time? You have the choice. You can pre-set the tanning time between 8 and 20 minutes or let your customers choose freely. easyCare always calculates the individual UV dosage.

Intelligent Technology controls, depending on the room temperature, the intensity of the ventilation – and thus the noise level. At the beginning of the tanning session, ACS provides for a gentle start up of the entire ventilation system, after the session has ended the smooth shut down of the Brenner, tubes as well as all the ventilation system is controlled. Pure relaxation!

Central exhaust air system

Optional features