tubes: 49 x 180 W 200 cm
dimensions (open):  1710 x 1220 x 2290 [mm]
dimensions (closed): (gł. x szer. x wys.): 1190 x 1220 x 2290 [mm]
minimal height of the room: 2400 [mm]
dimensions with changing room : 2300 x 1220 x 2290 [mm]
internal dimensions : 630 x 800 x 215 [mm]
power consumption: 10 kW

Standard Features

  • electronic control panel
  • stereo speakers
  • backlight
  • multi point ventilation

Optional Features

  • central air exhaust
  • aqua mist
  • aroma
  • backlit print
  • mirror floor
  • Vibra – vibrating floor
  • changing room

Tanzi Opal Fitness

Comfort and efficiency of tanning with the music

In Opal Fitness ergonomic shape of the inside and the quantity of lamps are designed to provide the best tanning results with the lowest working cost. With electronic control panel you can fluently set cooling and LUX model also volume and aqua spray system. The floor pannel is removable, so even very tall people can tan. You can alson put inside a littel stepper. In option you can choose a mirror floor to get even more attractive design and tanning effects.Two speakers with Mp3 player are in standard.


Opal Fitness is equipped with a cooling fan at the ceiling and air outlets at different levals to receive optimal cooling for whole body. In option you can order a special hot air removing system, working with 2 fans and a ceiling of special shape. There are two separate cooling systems in the unit – for lamps and for a person tanning to provide more comfort ond better effects.

Aqua Spray System

Really refreshing experience! One or two nozzles generate gentle water mist. Water container is put in a pile inside the unit with decorative blue light creating intriguing visual effect.

Comfort for staff

To clean the unit you can easily open lamps covers and put out the floor step. Water container for aqua spray is easy to check and refill (from the inside of the machine).

Special design

Opal Fitness will look perfect in every studio. You can choose a colour and design as you like. As a standard we offer you several colors of backlit external pannels and decorative light inside. In option there is a wide choice of colours and photo designs, even personalized. Some samples you can see below.

Vibra System optional

Optionally you can buy vibra plate floor wih control panel.This raises the standard of tanning throw additional fitnes exercises