4.0 Black – 100x fruit base max silicone bronzer

Achieve the highest grade of tan. Smart and sexy, this 100X Fruit Base Bronzer will give you a tan that always gets perfect marks.

Beautiful waves of deep, dark color are made possible by a multi-fruit base & dark tanning mineral complex which condition & replenish nutrients to your skin. A collection of 5 different silicones provides a PHD in a magical application with amazingly soft skin. We’ve done the math, and this all equals a brilliant tan!

  • 100X Fruit Base Bronzing gives your tan ultra-dark results with important nourishment for frequent tanners.
  • Dark Tanning Minerals replenish vitamins to skin, allowing deeper & darker color.
  • Max silicone emulsion provides wonderfully soft skin & application.
  • DHA-Free, Paraben-Free