70x bronzing boost

It is a real „must have” for really wild fans of tans and strong emotions – so…Hot! guarantees a real WOW! effect.

  • A fiery combination of Delayed Bronzers and WOW! effect, Hot Tingle (incl. pepper & cayenne)  promises  a perfectly dark, even coloured tan;
  • The applied Hydro-balance technology and the addition of Aloe Vera creates a soothing compress that guarantees optimal hydration and faster regeneration;
  • Smooth & Tight with Seaweed complex will make the skin firm, elastic and wonderfully balanced.

Size: 15ml, 250ml

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Important ingredients

Wow! Effect Hot Tingle Formula

New tingle formula based on natural ingredients, including pepper and paprika, thanks to which your tan will cause a WOW effect! It dramatically improves blood microcirculation, accelerates cell metabolism and oxygenates the skin. It supports the tanning of so called „difficult places” like i.e. legs, and allows to break the plateau barrier, guaranteeing a deep, natural brown colour , no streaks and discoloration.

Delayed Bronzers Complex

A blend of DHA and erythrulose provides a natural and beautiful bronze after just 2-4 hours of application. A special combination of ingredients provides a uniform tan and exceptional longevity.

Hydro-Balance Technology

The technology based on beneficial properties of emollients, which have never been used before in tanning cosmetics. Makes your skin achieve an optimum level of hydration and maintains it for 24 hours after applying the product. Developed specifically for the needs of tanned skin.


An improved silicone formula that will give your skin the perfect smoothness and a satin finish. A rich silicone blend not only helps to distribute the cosmetics evenly, but also protects the skin from the harmful effects of external factors without blocking the pores and not hindering its breathing.

Smooth & Tight

Firming and slimming complex based on caffeine and coenzyme A. Stimulating the metabolism of skin cells, making them better oxygenated. It also stimulates the removal of fat from the subcutaneous tissue and supports the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres, strengthening the skin structure and improving its tension. Supports the transport of active ingredients, as well as the fight against free radicals, counteracting photoage processes.

Saiko Youth Formula

The formula of youth used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Bupleurum falcatum root extract exhibits strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which clearly improves skin condition, prevents and soothes irritations.

Seaweed Complex

Seaweed complex, combining extracts from Atlantic and Antarctic algae, is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, so that the skin regains its tone and proper flexibility. It also supports the regeneration of the skin, fights against aging and cellulite, makes skin smooth and firm.

Aloe Vera Extract

A concentrated cocktail of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, derived from the flesh of the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf. Penetrates deep into the skin, soothes inflammation, accelerates skin regeneration and heals wounds. Leaves the skin nourished, moisturized and oxygenated.

Pomegrante Extract

Antioxidant, moisturises and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Helps in dermis and epidermis cell regeneration.

Tattoo Saver Complex

You do not have to worry that the colors of your tattoos will fade – this innovative formula gives them absolute protection while tanning. Thanks to the ideal composition of moisturizing ingredients your tattoos will be vivid and full of colours.