Guys, it’s no secret how you like it…your tan that is! One and Done™ Men’s Edition gives desirably dark, bronze color in one quick session. This advanced bronzing blend will have you noticeably darker, while Jenni’s Signature Skincare Blend leaves skin moisturized and soft to the touch. The color is for your pleasure while the skin softening benefits are for her. Maximize your tanning experience with a product just how you like it, quick and easy.

  • One and Done™ Advanced Bronzer: DHA and a proprietary Black Walnut Blend is mixed with Melanin Enhancers and MAP to get you shades darker with each session
  • Jenni’s Signature Blend: Yogurt base is infused with Black Currant Oil and Pear Extract for visibly smooth skin
  • Fresh-to-Death Essentials: Vitamin E and Shea Butter keeps skin young and vibrant
  • Mad Moisturizers: Four luxurious Oils keep skin feeling hydrated and prepare skin for dark color
  • Leave them wanting more with this Dark Spice fragrance