Luxura X3

Luxura X3 is how easiness is spelled: It is the strong all-round talent to enter the Luxura segment. X3 displays a fresh, compact and up-to-date design that comes in different fashionable colours, so the operator can keep up with the latest

Easy maintenance:
All features that can be operated by the user, are fit into a clarifying display panel, which is easy to use. The EasyClean click-profile makes maintenance as easy as can be: easy reach of tubes and facial filters – a fast way of cleaning and switching lamps. Optionally, a special central air extraction is available for Luxura

Basic information


  • 30 Sli

    • tubes canopy: 10 x 120 W (200cm) + 6 x 100 W (180 cm)
    • tubes bench: 14 x 120 W (200cm)
    • face tanner: 1 x 400 W
    • power: 3 kW, fuses: 3 x 10 A or 1 x 16A
    • weight: 198 kg
  • 30 Spr

    • tubes canopy: 16 x 120 W (200cm)
    • tubes bench: 14 x 120 W (200cm)
    • face tanner: 9 x 25 W
    • power: 2,8 kW, fuses: 3 x 10 A or 1 x 16A
    • weight: 201 kg
  • 32 Sli

    • tubes canopy: 18 x 100 W (180 cm)
    • tubes bench: 14 x 120 W (200cm)
    • face tanner: 3 x 400 W
    • power: 3,8 kW, fuses: 3 x 10 A or 1 x 20A
    • weight: 217 kg
  • 32 Sli Intensive

    • tubes canopy: 18 x 160 W (180 cm)
    • tubes bench: 14 x 120 W (200cm)
    • face tanner: 3 x 400 W
    • power: 4,7 kW, fuses: 3 x 10 A or 1 x 25A
    • weight: 225 kg

Technical data



Standard Features

XL Light
XL Light, from head to toe. Sun worshippers expect a head-to-toe tan when they come for a session, and that's exactly what they get thanks to the XL Light feature of the Luxura X10. With the maximum tanning surface, there's no need to make concessions To work out the realistic tanning length of the tubes, we always need to deduct at least 10 cm at the ends. However, the extra long tanning tubes (two metres) literally guarantee a tan from top to toe. Standard tanning lamps are 176 centimetres.

Eco Power
The electronic ballasts, which are equipped in each model, optimise not only the tube configuration; they also generate energy savings of around 25%.

  • 3 steps adjustable body cooler

Optional Features

Ambient Flow Light
Ambient FlowLight with 15 fl ow programmes for beautiful colour effects or 30 constant colours to change just as you like. It gives the sophisticated design an irresistible appeal. A real eye-catcher.

My mp3
My MP3, your time, your music. Listening to great music during your tanning session is a luxury, which many people have now come to expect. Everyone has different tastes, so with your Luxura you can simply plug in your own music. Your choice With the connection for MP3 players you can easily make your own decision about the songs you want to dream away with while tanning, especially in combination enjoy with the SoundAround Basic or Plus feature. You can use the sunbed as the ‘box', whilst using the controls on your own MP3. The display of your Luxura sunbed enables you to control the volume. Just plug in and enjoy! My MP3 is only available in combination with SoundAround Basic or Plus.

  • face cooler
  • air exhaust
  • Connecting shield