Luxura V7

Luxura V7, in the class of it’s own

The Luxura V7 is hugely impressive without taking up a great deal of room! Inside the vertical tanning cabin, there is a lot of space which means that customers can move around freely during the standing tanning session. It’s a special experience for your customers, with 48 tanning tubes producing an even tan all over. You can select the perfect colour (Deep Yellow, Eternal Blue, Mellow Lime, Pearl White or Glamour Edition) which fits you company style from a wide range: The decorative lighting draws extra attention to this attractive sun shower as it stands there so beautifully illuminated.

From head to toe

A vertical tanning bed literally tans from top to toe in a comfortable way. Moreover, it has additional benefits both for the user (no white areas caused by pressure points, a more active tanning session) and for the operator (less space required, a good addition to the range). With the Luxura V7 you can even connect a fitting room to the device, which perfectly fits with the design. With the fitting room you do not have to create a separate cabin in your salon. The impressive doors are very easy to open and have a small twist curve – which saves a lot of space. The optional feature Xsens gives you an aromatic experience and for a more active tanning session (which combines a workout with a tan), there is the vibra plate – an optional vibrating floor panel.

For the V7, you now can order a special package with the luxurious feature Qsens and a MP3 connection. Qsens offers an extra tanning dimension by two nozzles, which spray a delightful water mist during the session. A cable offers a popular MP3 connection with which your client can use it’s own MP3 player for control and music. These features just make the V7 mini holiday even better!

Basic information


  • 48 XL

    • tubes: 48 x 120 W (200cm)
    • power: 6,1 kW
    • fuses: 3 x 16 A
    • weight: 600 kg
  • 48 XL High Intensive

    • tubes: 48 x 180 W (200cm)
    • power: 9,6 kW
    • fuses: 3 x 20 A
    • weight: 249 kg
  • 48 XLc

    • tubes: 48 x 120 W Duo (200cm)
    • power: 6,1 kW
    • fuses: 3 x 16 A
    • weight: 220 kg
  • 48 XLc High Intensive

    • tubes: 48 x 180 W Duo (200cm)
    • power: 9,6 kW
    • fuses: 3 x 20 A
    • weight: 249 kg

Technical data



Standard Features

[sc:lux_xllight_an ]
[sc:lux_decolight_an ]

  • Floor Lighting
  • 2 steps adjustable body cooler
  • loudspeakers

Optional Features

[sc:lux_xsens_an ]
[sc:lux_qsens_an ]
[sc:lux_mymp3_an ]
[sc:lux_vibraplate_an ]

  • changing room