Disco Diva

Do you love gold? Golden sun, golden beaches, golden sand…? We do!

That is why we have enriched our new amazing bronzer with  gold shimmering particles, which miraculously light up your skin, add more glow to it and emphasizes  the colour of your tan.

But gold is not enough! This wonderful composition of ingredients includes the best firming complexes, to make your skin supple, elastic and soft – just perfect. Natural oils, including coconut and hemp, provide deep hydration and nutrition. The addition of vitamins and antioxidants will help the skin`s recovery. At the same time our Tattoo Saver Complex will take care of your tattoo`s colours and make them vivid, vibrant and eye-catching forever1

Energy Complex will make you feel fresh and ready for any challenge!

Become a truly golden Diva and attract all eyes on you! With Disco Diva it is as easy as 1-2-3!

Capacity: 15ml, 250ml

More information on www.7sunscosmetics.com

Important ingredients:

BioTan Enhancing Formula

A formula based on a natural extract of citrus fruits and a combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Created in order to obtain a deep brown tan in the least amount of time possible. Allows for a longer-lasting tan, helps produce melanin and stimulates the skin’s natural ability to tan while energizing it.

Delayed Bronzers Complex

A blend of DHA and erythrulose provides a natural and beautiful bronze after just 2-4 hours of application. A special combination of ingredients provides a uniform tan and exceptional longevity.

Hemp Seed Oil (THC Free)

(THC-Free) – natural substance of high nourishing capabilities and strong rejuvenating action on the skin cells level. Cleanses, nourishes and brings energy to the cells, improving their water balance, exfoliating dead cells and stimulating healthy cell proliferation.

CoQ10 complex

Eliminates free radicals and delays the skin aging process.

Skin Firming complex

Firming and sliming complex. It consists of ingredients that soften skin and it helps to provide other ingredients to deeper parts of skin. It is based on coenzyme A, caffeine and an extract from Bupleurum Falcatum – Chinese plant that stimulates the process of lipolysis, and eliminates fat from tissue under skin which provides slim and firm effect.

Energy Complex

Invigorating and refreshing formula based on caffeine, taurine and pomegranate extracts. Revitalizes, refreshes, moisturises and slims.

Tattoo Saver Complex

You do not have to worry that the colors of your tattoos will fade – this innovative formula gives them absolute protection while tanning. Thanks to the ideal composition of moisturizing ingredients your tattoos will be vivid and full of colours.