Bronze Pearlfection®

Show off that gorgeous glow and achieve Bronze Pearlfection™ with this bronzing mineral lotion!  The power of twenty-five deep darkening bronzers are infused with natural crushed pearls to nourish the skin from the inside out, making it appear more resilient, firmer and rejuvenated.   This fantastic combination of bronzers and skin-saving minerals creates a perfect moisture level for undeniably dark, soft and beautiful color.  Get cultured with this year’s hottest accessory!

  • 25th Dimension Bronzer – Ultra advanced bronzing technology for maximum color that is both immediate and sustained for up-to-8 days
  • Natural Skin Conditioners– Decadent blend of Aloe Vera, Sea Salt and Sunflower Seed Oil help heal dry skin and promote skin renewal allowing for the darkest color possible
  • Light Shimmer – Enhances dark color with a youthful, light glow
  • Tanfresh™ Blend – Helps increase after-tan freshness and eliminate odor
  • Feel like a diamond-in-the-rough with this Precious Gems fragrance