New Year means new lotions!

The long-awaited novelties from Australian Gold are finally available.

Australian Gold expands its offer with new bronzers and tan extenders. In Iconic series you will find: Accelerator Extreme – based on a cult accelerating formula and enriched with strong bronzing ingredients, Pure Heat – with tingle effect, incredibly blue Color Binge and extremely bronzing Dark Side.

Better+ series joins: Beachin` Life – hypoallergenic DHA bronzer, natural Sol Struck, nutritious and full of botanical extracts Force of Nature.

Superior Intensifier is the latest product in luxurious Superior line, which won your hearts last year.

Excellent series expands on Hot! with Bronzers – a bronzing version of well-known Hot!

Bronze Elements joins the Ultra Collection – it is a incredible intense bronzer with new Rock Solid Technology.

The popular Hemp Nation line expands with new Sea Salt&Sandalwood after tan/tan extender – very fresh and energetic lotions, which was a real star on beauty fairs in Nashville.

In JWOWW series you will find three absolutely outrageous lotions:

Reality Check and Relentless – containing not only a solid amount ofbronzers but also one of the best tattoo protection ingredients – Ink Drink complex, as well as Bronze Intensions – tan extender with a hint of DHA for longer lasting bronze.

For more informations you can contact our Sales Representative or check our online store.

We hope that the new lotions will surprise you with the effects, scents, colours – and steal your hearts!