Christmas presents only with 7suns!

Cosmetics are one of the most popular Christmas gifts. Therefore 7suns Cosmetics presents their new tanning lotions in December. It is a great opportunity to give your friends and family lotions, which they have not had an occasion to try out yet. Maybe it will become their new favourite?

These incredible new lotions contain not only well-known and proven moisturizing and firming formulas, but also new complexes, that will even better nourish the skin and accelerate its regeneration.

SuperMoist formula offers stronger and deeper hydration, Royal Honey will make your tan colour deliciously golden and give your skin an abundancy of nutrients. Algae extracts forming Seaweed complex restore proper elasticity, support hydration and provide a huge dose of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy and always young appearance.



is an innovative bronzer with a high content of antioxidants and other ingredients that will improve your skin`s condition and appearance.

Enriched with natural oils, such as Moroccan argan oil, and Acai berry extract, Shea butter and well-known firming complexes, make it an ideal product for those who are seeking a „one & done” lotion.

In this mixture you will also find a new algae complex, lots of vitamins and Tattoo Saver technology, which protects tattoos from fading while tanning.

Tan Idol is a perfect solution when you are looking for a multi-purpose advanced bronzer with natural ingredients.



attracts  attention not only with subtle golden shimmering but also with its captivating scent.

This is a cosmetic for a true Diva – it will make your skin smooth and radiant.

The composition of Delayed Bronzers and Biotan accelerating formula will take care of the natural dark colour of your tan. Energy Complex will provide freshness, vitality and a boost of positive energy for the whole day.

An interesting combination of hemp and coconut oil guarantees silky softness and proper hydration of the skin. Perfect smoothness, exceptional tan colour and maximum nutrition – because you should look like a real DIVA. Disco Diva!



is a unique combination of Immediate and Delayed Bronzers with a Biotan accelerating formula.

It is  synonymous with a  holiday look and gorgeous, dark tan.  The new SuperMoist formula guarantees excellent condition of your skin, Royal Honey deeply nourishes it, and Seaweed complex improves flexibility and helps to fight against cellulite.

But Tan&Glory contains also well-known Skin Firming and CoQ10 complexes, a huge amount of antioxidants from Acai, blueberries and cocoa, and Extra Silicones for perfectly smooth skin.

All these ingredients combined with a wonderful Last Night fragrance, which will remain on your skin long after the  tanning session.

Surprise your loved ones with an amazing gift from 7suns Cosmetics. New lotions are available in our e-shop.