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RED RAVE – Twist the tan!

Red Rave is a new tanning lamp with a unique spiral shape. But it`s even more than a classic lamp – It not only provides a beautiful, long-lasting tan but it also gives more bio-positive advantages. For the first time the combination of red light and UV rays do not result in the reduction of […]

Cosmedico Wild Wave

COSMEDICO Wild Wave – revolution in tanning! Cosmedico Wild Wave means: Outstanding tanning results and longer lasting tan; Extra heat; Compatible to 0.3; Higher UV output – unique wave design; Vitamize Effect for more Vitamin D reserves. Benefits Blue: Vitalizing “sunrise effect” Enhances concentration Helps to reduce skin blemishes Reduces skin aging Benefits red: Relaxing […]

Bronze and ready to go!

We are proudly presenting new generation of tanning lamps in according to european 0.3 W/m2 restrictions. Sunmax A-class Ultimate Bronze is a perfect choice to your sunbed! Unique blend of phosphor with a special cosntruction of electrode help us to achieve the best possible tanning effect for 0.3 standard. Your tan will be truly golden […]

SUNMAX TAN MAKER – we discovered the secret of the sun!

Sunmax brand just expanded with new series of UV lamps – Tan Maker. Tan Maker is not another ordinary „bronzing lamp” – we enclosed the best properties of sunlight in the highest quality glass using the best materials and latest technologies. The high value of UVA makes surpsrising effects after the first tanning session. A […]

Escape to Hemp!

  Only on properly moisturized skin tan looks sensational and lasts for a really long time. Body Lotion from Hemp Nation Series will take care of your skin as much as possible. The high content of plant ingredients and the most important ingredient – hemp oil – not only nourish your skin, but also inhibit […]